Gold Coast Vegans is for vegans who live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. We also welcome all local nonvegans who are genuinely interested in veganism.

(A vegan is someone who lives without using nonhuman animals for food, clothing, entertainment or any other reason. Veganism is an ethical stance that nonhuman animals are not ours to use. Vegans put their moral belief — that it’s wrong to use other sentient beings — into action by refusing to participate in or contribute to the use of nonhuman animals. Veganism is about nonviolence and the basic right of all sentient beings not to be used as property. – Why Vegan?)

The aim of Gold Coast Vegans is to facilitate communication, networking, connection, sharing and to unite vegans on the Gold Coast. Also to inform and share local *vegan* events and businesses that sell exclusively *vegan* products that are local or cater to the Gold Coast area.

Gold Coast Vegans main goal is to spread vegan advocacy and education on the Gold Coast.

We support and follow the theory and principles of The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights as developed by Gary L. Francione – Click here for info on The Abolitionist Approach


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