Gold Coast Vegans

Welcome to Gold Coast Vegans in Queensland, Australia.


An advocacy, information and social network for Vegans and those interested in Veganism who live on the Gold Coast.

We have a Facebook Page


We also have a Facebook Group for all local Vegans and those genuinely interested in Veganism

Gold Coast Vegan Business Listing

Please see our list of Vegan Businesses on the Gold Coast, they need your support.
(Submit a new listing or update your details by contacting us.)

Why Patronize 100% Vegan Businesses and Restaurants?

• No worries or questions about hidden animal ingredients.
• No mix-ups of being inadvertently served or sold animal products.
• No cross-contamination of kitchen and cooking surfaces.
• No one will be eating animal products in your presence.
• Vegans are the ones who must support them if we want more of them.
• Vegan business owners need your help to stay in business.

Choose 100% Vegan first and foremost and anything less only when you have to.

(Please note: “100%” is only used to emphasize that there are absolutely no animal products used or sold in these businesses. A person is either vegan or they are not, a business is either vegan or it is not.)

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