Vegan Businesses

Please note all information is subject to change. We recommend contacting the business first to confirm trading hours etc. For the sake of this list the use of the word “Vegan” refers only to the food, drinks and products sold.

*Please advise us if any of the businesses on the list sell or promote any animal products*

Choose 100% Vegan first and foremost and anything less only when you have to. Please support these wonderful *Vegan* businesses to help them thrive.

CocoLuscious Ice Cream Shop & Factory

CocoLuscious Ice Cream Shop & Factory
CocoLuscious Ice Cream is a lusciously creamy ice cream made from coconut milk and sweetened with agave nectar, making a deliciously healthy alternative to dairy and soy based ice creams.
It is free from all common allergens including dairy, gluten, soy, nuts and eggs.
It has the same fat content as premium dairy ice creams, but unlike dairy, coconut fat is considered ‘healthy fat’, as well as being cholesterol free. It contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives.
CocoLuscious Ice Cream has an amazingly velvety texture, and can be served straight from the freezer (no need to sit it out for 10 minutes to soften).
CocoLuscious Ice Cream is available in all good health food stores, many independent supermarkets, top end grocery stores and select restaurants and cafes.
CocoLuscious ice cream is manufactured in a dedicated vegan kitchen and is made on brand new machinery, so there are no concerns about cross contamination.
If you love ice cream, you must try CocoLuscious. It’s likely to be the best ice cream your taste buds have ever tasted!!
07 5641 5200
Shop 7-9 Ern Harley Drive, 2H Burleigh Gardens Commercial Centre, Burleigh Heads, QLD, 4220

Why Patronize 100% Vegan Businesses and Restaurants?

• No worries or questions about hidden animal ingredients.
• No mix-ups of being inadvertently served or sold animal products.
• No cross-contamination of kitchen and cooking surfaces.
• No one will be eating animal products in your presence.
• Vegans are the ones who must support them if we want more of them.
• Vegan business owners need your help to stay in business.

Choose 100% Vegan first and foremost and anything less only when you have to.

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